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Loose spare wheel:    £120.00

Stand supports:    £60.00

Over cover:    £220.00

Adapter: £8.00



Internal Dimensions: 9,84ft x 4,92ft

Sides Height with mesh: 850mm (2,79ft)

Over Cover: 450mm (1,48ft)

Jokey Wheel: Included

External Dimensions: 4520mm x 2000mm (14,83ft X 6,56ft)

Weight: 540KG

Payload: 2160kg

Double Axle: 2 x 1350kg (KNOTT , AL-KO)

Full electricity: 13 pins (7 pin adapter available at a small fee)

Available Cover colour: blue

High strength hot dip galvanized axle

Rear lights protection

10mm Waterproof non-slippery laminate floor

12 months warranty

Manufacturer : Niewiadow Boro

Fully Galvanised & Welded Chassis


Additional information

Bracket and spare wheel

Add bracket and spare wheel, No bracket and spare wheel

Over Cover

Add over cover, No over cover


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